My Daughter Haley and Me

My father wayne price and Me


Mark Price





  • Born and Raised in San Diego, California 
  • Baptized at Mary Star of the Sea, La Jolla CA in 1956 / Haley was Baptized there in 1998 
  • Altar Boy in Latin Mass 
  • Raised by my parents to go to church and to love church 
  • I was raised to believe that we are called to serve God and that the only way we can serve God is by serving each other. - John 21:16 - If you love Me, Tend my sheep. 
  • I was involved in church all of my life; Catholic School, Catechism, CYO (Catholic Youth Organization), Investigated and discerned the seminary, etc.


  • I Believe the Apostles/Nicene Creed
  • I Believe in Sacred Scripture
  • I Believe that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything
  • I Believe we must Stand strong for our faith
  • I Believe we must adopt the mindset and become like1st century Christians in our level of commitment
  • I Believe in the words of Edmund Burke - All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good (people) to do nothing
  • I Believe that all life is sacred and a gift from God
  • I Believe that God can use each of us just as He created us, just as we are
  • I Believe that we are a Holy Nation, a royal priesthood, a people set apart…
  • I Believe the words of Mother Theresa - That we are called to be Faithful...
  • I Believe in what GK Chesterton said, "If I were shipwrecked on a desert island and could have only one book I would like it to be a book on shipbuilding."
  • I Believe our faith is something we share        
  • I Believe It is not the role we play in life but how well we play the role we are given - Given by God
  • I Believe that anyone of us can count the number of seeds in an apple but only God can count the number of apples in a seed (Dr. Robert Schuller)
  • I Believe in Prayer
  • I Believe in love and forgiveness
  • I Believe that it it is not about how many times we stumble and fall short but how many times we get back up

    ​That is a partial list of the foundation of my faith.


​Worked with Youth in Parishes and Inner City (1974-1985)

RAD Night (1983-1985)  
Monthly Stage Event for High School and College Kids ​- more

Lay Pastor Society (1990-Present)  
The Lay Pastor Society is a simple formatted plan to show and share the love of Christ with each and every member of your church family on a regular basis, and a way to evangelize in your parish. - more

Missions / Retreats / Conventions (1982-Present)
- more

Biblical Portrayals (1983-Present)
(Performed around the world)
Judas Iscariot(1983)
Simon Peter(1984)
St Joseph(2001)
Performance initially requested by Retrouvaille. A terrific Ministry helping to heal troubled marriages.

Doubting Thomas(2005)
Saint Paul(2009)
Performance initially created to celebrate the Year of Saint Paul.
Saint Luke(2010)
Performance initially created to celebrate the the anniversary of St Luke's Catholic Church, El Cajon, CA.
Saint Francis of Assisi(2013)
Performance initially created to celebrate Pope Francis at the request of a friend. - more

Ecumenical Council (2003-2006)

Served on the Board of Directors of the San Diego County Ecumenical Council.

Mark Price Foundation (2005)

Worked to bring attention to the growing problem of elder abuse.  We established an Elder Abuse Crime Unit with the Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island.  Thank you note - PDF
Mark Price Foundation

One Body, Many Parts - Saint Paul - In His Own Words (2009)

Filmed Saint Paul to celebrate the Year of Saint Paul. The film was shown in movie theaters around the United States - more

Studied for Doctorate (2009)
Invited to study for a Doctorate in Ministry at the California Graduate School of Theology. The studies were put on hold as a result of my heart attack.

​Desert Project (2010)  
Filmed Judas, Simon Peter, Saint Joseph & Doubting Thomas on location - more

​The Divine Love Mysteries (2012 to Present)
Infinite Love - Enduring Love - God’s Love - Greatest Love - Christian Love
The new Divine Love Mysteries is a way to remind us of what Jesus has called the greatest Commandments, to Love God and Love each other. - more

Mark Price Day
San Diego County Proclamation
In 2012 the San Diego County Board of Supervisors named November 13, 2012 Mark Price Day - more