Mark Price


Commentator - Television/Radio/Debates

Mark is aware that when one involves themselves and takes a stand you risk upsetting and alienating others.  But he strongly believes that if you don't stand for something you risk falling for anything.  Mark believes that we are a healthier nation, a healthier people when we engage in debate on the important issues of the day.  He believes, however, that for the debate to be useful and productive it must be OPEN, HONEST, CIVIL & RESPECTFUL.  You may disagree with Mark's positions but you can't say he was anything but OPEN, HONEST, CIVIL & RESPECTFUL.

Mark believes very strongly in the words of Edmund Burke "All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men (people) to do nothing."  Therefore, Mark from a very early age, has involved himself in the affairs of State.  He ran for the California State Assembly in 1998.  He lost and then ran for a Planning Board and a school board.  He won both of those elections and served 12 years, most as Chairman, of a Planning Board.  He completed his12th year as an elected member of a school board in December of 2012.  He also served as a co-chair with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Education Reform Coalition.

Mark has often been called on by radio & television to offer his perspective on the issues of the day.  He has also been asked, on many occasions over the years, to serve as a surrogate speaker & debater at universities and on television and radio.

Mark served politically in the following ways:

  • Past President - Alpine School Board – Elected
  • Past Chairman, Alpine Planning Board ‐ Elected
  • Past Co‐Chair with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ‐ Education Reform Coalition
  • Past Member, California Tax Advisory Committee ‐ Appointed
  • Founding Chairman, San Diego Association of Republican Elected Officials ‐Appointed
  • Member, California Republican Party
  • Past Member, San Diego County Central Committee ‐ Elected
  • Past Member, Republican National Committee
  • Past Senate District Director, California Republican Assembly
  • Founder & Trustee, Ronald Reagan Presidential Task Force

As a Community and Church Leader:

  • Founder, Mark Price Foundation ‐ Working to increase investigation and prosecution of elder abuse nationally.
  • Founder, Job Net ‐ Organized to reduce the burden of the Welfare System
  • Founder, The Lay Pastor Society
  • Founded and directed a county‐wide program for at‐risk high school children.
  • Moderator and Organizer of Town Hall Forums focusing on Illegal Immigration, Welfare Reform,
  • Transportation and Taxation including Internet Taxation
  • Past Board Member, YMCA
  • In Ministry since 1975
  • Masters in Governance through the California School Board Association
  • Previously In Doctorate of Ministry Program
  • Award Winning Radio Commentator
  • Author of 2 Books ‐
  • “If Not You ‐ Then Who? Assuming Personal Responsibility”
  • “How Would You Feel?
  • 11 New books with his publisher

Educator ‐

  • Professional Sales & Executive trainer and developer of training manuals 
  • Television Commentator

Awards / Honors

  • Mark Price Day San Diego County - November 13, 2012 - Click Here
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition - 2000 - 2012
  • California Senate Certificate of Recognition - 2000 - 2012
  • California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition - 2000 - 2012
  • Citizen of the Year - Alpine - 2000
  • Silver Mic Award - 1998