In 2010 the amazing team from The Visual Word asked me to allow them to film 4 of my Biblical Portrayals on location.  They had recently completed the filming, pre and post production and co producing One Body, Many Parts - Saint Paul - In His Own Words.

They asked if I was willing to allow them to film four of my Portrayals, Judas Iscariot, Simon Peter, Doubting Thomas and Saint Joseph, on location in the middle of the California desert.

The plan was to film the Portrayals and then offer them on DVD as a new kind of Bible Study.  They wanted to use the Portrayals as a way to teach the Scriptures.  Their goal was to provide on the DVD the option of watching the entire Portrayal or to watch it scene by scene with Bible study discussions between me and Scripture scholars.  There would then be Scripture reading assignments and studies.

I loved the idea.  They asked me to give them ten years to develop and market the DVD's/Studies.  I gave them complete control for the requested ten years.  

I am looking forward to seeing the DVD's and will let my friends know when they are available.

Mark Price

This is the initial trailer for the Visual Word Project:



Mark Price

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