Mark Price


  • Scene 1 ‐ Introduction
  • Scene 2 ‐ Seeing Jesus at the Jordan River with John the Baptist
  • Scene 3 ‐ With Jesus at Lake Genesareth
  • Scene 4 ‐ John the Baptist is Arrested at the Jordan River
  • Scene 5 ‐ Jesus Feeding the 5,000
  • Scene 6 ‐ Jesus and Simon Peter Walking on Water
  • Scene 7 ‐ Sermon on the Mount
  • Scene 8 ‐ Miracles Performed by Jesus including the Healing of the Blind Man
  • Scene 9 ‐ Mary and Martha ask Jesus to help their Brother Lazarus
  • Scene 10 ‐ Last Supper
  • Scene 11 ‐ Garden of Gethsemane
  • Scene 12 ‐ The Death of Jesus
  • Scene 13 ‐ Thomas is Told That Jesus Lives
  • Scene 14 ‐ Upper Room
  • Scene 15 ‐ Syriac and India
  • Scene 16 – Conclusion
  • Scene 17 ‐ Q&A—Questions from the audience


  • Thomas was the only Apostle who said he was willing to die with Jesus. When the others were arguing about going back to Bethany, Thomas said, “Let us go, even if it means we will die with Him”.  We have learned more about Jesus as a result of the questions from Thomas.
  • In answering a question from Thomas, Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…”
  • What did he doubt?
  • Is doubting different than not believing?
  • What role did Thomas play in the life of Jesus?

This is a Bible‐based theatrical presentation that many say is more thought‐provoking than any they have ever seen, Mark Price brings key figures of history to life. They will speak to you about their lives and experiences with Jesus.

Mark hopes that his Portrayals will encourage people to get to know those who were closest to Jesus, to dig deeper into the Scriptures and to grow in their faith.