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15.AUG.2014 UPDATE
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A process for teaching and encouraging kids to set goals, achieve dreams and succeed.  Click Here.



The following are the official document for the Mark Price Foundation.  We encourage you to read them and contact with any thoughts or questions...  Click Here

Mark Price Foundation

for Educational & Community Enrichment

is a 501 (c) (3) Not For Profit Corporation. 

Mark Price


The Mark Price Foundation supports efforts to strengthen elder abuse legislation and inform elders of their rights. There are two bills working their way through Congress, HR2490 in the House of Representatives and S333 in the Senate. These two bills are entitled the Elder Justice Act and they have been in committee since 2003. It is our hope to work with states and jurisdictions to develop practical and enforceable laws and procedures to help address this growing and often overlooked problem...  more


What does your community need to make it a better place to live?  At the Mark Price Foundation we ask ourselves that question.  There is only so much you can count on government to provide.  In actual fact, to make our communities all we want them to be it takes all of us, working together.  The Mark Price Foundation helps communities to address their many needs, wants and desires.  We help find alternative sources of funding to help communities reach their goals....   more


It is the goal of the Mark Price Foundation to assist in the education process of our children.  In today's world where education budgets on the state and local level are being slashed it is important for outside organizations to help by providing alternative options to address those education elements which are being cut.  More specifically, arts, music, science, foreign language and sports....   more

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