Mark Price

THE DIVINE LOVE MYSTERIES - Reflections on the Mystery of Love

Infinite Love - Enduring Love - God's Love - Greatest Love - Christian Love

"The Holy Spirit at  work wow! I got the chills reading the Mysteries.  Sam and I will be reciting this words and will share with all couples we know .  God Bless you Mark,God is certainly using you in a profound way because it is all about LOVE and how we treat each other and others."  -  Alpine, CA

"WOW!  Your divine love mysteries are unique.pertinent and deeply enriching and spiritual.  You are the most creative man i have ever met."   -  Love from Jacksonville, FL 

"The new Divine Love mystery is the Mystery that was missing in the Rosary.  I think it is a wonderful addition to the Rosary and I’m sure most people would think the same.  You should be very proud that you came up with this idea."  -  San Diego, CA 

"Your beautiful Divine Love Mysteries have moved us. We do believe that they are worth sharing with others in the Retrouvaille community. Would you have an objection to our sharing the link to your website and the pdfs of the Mysteries and the Greek Words for Love?  May God continue to bless you and your ministry."  -  Lafayette, LA    more

SAINTS PETER and PAUL Back Together Again

Two of my most requested portrayals Simon Peter and Saint Paul are now available as one theatrical performance.  You may now "book" a two act play, combining the two Portrayals "Simon Peter - In His Own Words" and "Saint Paul - In His Own Words".   The theatrical experience is called "Saints Peter and Paul - Back Together Again"  more


Over a year ago a friend and Pastor asked me to consider doing a performance of Saint Francis.  I kindly ignored his suggestion. After all, I have been focussing my performances (for 30 years) on those people closest to Jesus in both time and proximity.  However, after the new Pope chose the name Francis my friend began to point his finger at me and said "See, you should have listened to me!".  So now I have listened.  I have been working on my research of Saint Francis and will shortly begin the process of writing my script.  I plan to begin my performances of "Saint Francis - In His Own Words" in the Fall of 2013.  I am already scheduled to perform Saint Francis on his feast day, October 4, 2013.  more